TítuloAn American National Symbol and Freedom of Speech
Autor(es)Maciel, Adhemar Ferreira
Data de publicação01-09-2008
ResumoIt quotes the history of the individual struggles for freedom of speech against the church, social groups and State. It examines political Constitutions and different documents that are international known and discuss about freedom of speech and communication right. It analyses and exemplifies circumstantial aspects relating to the right of freedom of speech - based on the United States Constitution and its Amendment number 1.
AssuntosFreedom of speech
Comparative Law
Freedom of the press
Comparative Law
Constitutional Amendment
FonteMACIEL, Adhemar Ferreira. An american national symbol and freedom of speech. BDJur, Brasília, DF, 1 set. 2008. Disponível em: <http://bdjur.stj.jus.br//dspace/handle/2011/17654>.
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