TítuloOs direitos sociais e a aposentadoria da Polícia Civil do Estado do Paraná
Autor(es)Andrade, Melanie Merlin de
Data de publicação07-2010
ResumoDiscorre sobre a aposentadoria especial, defendendo a criação de uma nova lei para a regulação da aposentadoria especial da Polícia Civil do Paraná, destacando sua concessão como um direito daquela categoria.
"The main objective of fundamental rights is the protection of human dignity. They are known for their protective character - which is essential to guarantee a life in society with dignity. Social rights are classified as the second-generation of fundamental rights and consist of the protection and the promotion of man's material equality through positive assistance assured by the government. Social rights are a conquest of society, namely, once they have been acquired they cannot be suppressed, not even by law. Social Security Law can therefore be read as an extension of these fundamental rights, not only because the Brazilian Constitution guarantees it, but also because of its fundamental substantive characteristic which extends protection to labourers who have had their capacity to work reduced or ultimately lost. Therefore, 'special retirement plans', which have the purpose of protecting laboures who are required to discharge duties in high-risk activities, i.e. those who perform jobs in dangerous, hazardous or unhealthy conditions, constitute a fundamental right and are instruments for the protection of human dignity and therefore must be effectively guaranteed to the police officers of the State of Paraná."
AssuntosAposentadoria especial, Paraná, Brasil
Aposentadoria especial, regulação, Brasil
Polícia civil, Paraná, Brasil
Atividade de risco, Brasil
FonteANDRADE, Melanie Merlin de. Os direitos sociais e a aposentadoria da Polícia Civil do Estado do Paraná. Revista de Direito Administrativo & Constitucional, Belo Horizonte, v. 10, n. 41, jul. 2010. Disponível em: <http://bdjur.stj.jus.br/dspace/handle/2011/33746>. Acesso em: 8 out. 2010.
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